Jokes are the best part of life. They are created to make people laugh and not to take it seriously. People enjoy and laugh when they hear jokes. SEO is the abbreviation of search engine optimization. Here the people who create SEO jokes must excel in the search engine optimization field. That is, these jokes are developed by the technical people and also these jokes generate a technical view.
Before moving into the jokes part, let us look at some of the necessities with which a decent, humorous joke can be made. There are four basic structures to be followed. It includes the pre-setup, the setup, pause and the last one is a punchline. All these are just there to make the joke clear and understandable for the viewers or listeners.
Before looking in detailed, we have the jokes being divided into many categories. Such as the funny SEO jokes, SEO expert jokes, search engine jokes, Google panda SEO jokes, Google penguin SEO jokes, Google hummingbird SEO jokes and many more. Let us look in detail into each one of them.

Here come the funny SEO jokes:

  1. How did the SEO find his way back through the fence forests?
    – With the help of bread crumbs.
  2. Why did the SEO expert gets kicked out of the provision store or the grocery store?
    – Because he was found cutting in the middle of the line to get the first position.
  3. What was the expression of the new Yahoo CEO when they beat Google in unique traffic?
    – Yahoo!!!
  4. What is a search engine with a bad marketing department called?
    – We call it the Decision Engine.
  5. What is the common thing between a photo framing shop and SEO?
    – The common thing between them is Matte Cutts.

Those were some of the SEO funny jokes appreciated over a wide variety of audiences.

Let us look at the SEO expert jokes. They are as follows:

  1. How is an SEO expert who sells vans called?
    – Danny SellAVan
  2. What is the mentality of girls to date with SEO experts?
    – They think that SEO experts are very fast!
  3. What is the reason that makes the SEO experts very angry on the drive to work?
    – Heavy traffic can be the reason
  4. Name the deodorant liked by the SEO experts?
    – It’s called “Lynx.”

Search engine jokes are the jokes expressed more technically. Some of them are as follows.

  1. Which is considered to be the most effective form of advertising for a Chiropractor website?
    – Cost per click would be the most effective one.
  2. Why has the twins’ website being penalized by the search engine?
    – It was because of Duplicate content.
  3. Why did the Gatwick Airport receive a penalty from Google?
    – Because it had too many landing pages.
  4. Why was a person unable to find his room number at a search engine conference?
    – The reason for this is that the number was 404!

Google Panda is a big change to Google’s search results. It ranked the algorithm that was first released in February 2011. This was mainly created to decrease the rank of thin sites or low-quality sites. Jokes related to all these or taking up the idea of this, are called as Google Panda SEO jokes.

  1. What are too many Pandas in a cage called?
    – It is Panda stuffing.
  2. What would be the result when we cross a Penguin and a Panda?
    – There will be a Search Engine ranking problem.

A codename for Google is called as the Google Penguin. It was developed for a Google algorithm update, which was first announced and developed in April during the year 2012. Jokes based on this are called as Penguin SEO jokes.

  1. Which one does the penguin in Google use?
    – They use the Link Bait
  2. Which one will be the hardest hit in Google updates?
    – Flipper Coin

SEO jokes are designed or created in such a way that only people with SEO knowledge can create and admire them. They stay connected with the evolution and industry trends that enable them to make these jokes. Some of the jokes that were created many years ago, that is three to four years back, seem to be trendy and popular now. Also, some people feel that they have to upgrade themselves to create a good humorous one. Jokes are really good only if people relate them correctly and understand them quickly. Let us again look into some of the common SEO jokes.

  1. What is the common intention between paid and religion search advertisers?
    – Their intention is to convert people!
  2. Why is the watery oatmeal not liked by the SEOs?
    – Because it has thin content.
  3. Why is the farmer’s market liked by the SEOs?
    – The reason is, they have lots of organic content.
  4. What are the differences between a thesaurus and SEO?
    – Diddly, nothing, none, squat, zip, nada.
  5. How is a man who invents “PageRank” called?
    – Larry Page
  6. In what ways are cats and SEO related?
    – They both have nine lives.

All these jokes are illustrated using cartoons also. The SEOs work so hard, but still, spare some amount of time to create these funny jokes. Let us now look into the purpose of creating these SEO jokes. The work nature of the SEOs is really tough and tiring. They get frustrated when people ask silly and dumb questions to them. They also stay updated with the algorithms. SEOs go back to their drawing boards or notice boards at some point of time or degree. SEOs also spend a huge amount of time in online or internet apart from their working hours. Many tasks are also allotted to them and they are even provided with short deadlines. An SEO chat is developed so that people interact and chat with other professionals. All these jokes just provide a humorous feel and make people relax. As technology improves day by day, these jokes also improve since they are connected to technical information and also can be created only by technical people.

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