New Social Media Apps To Look Out For In 2020.

With the proliferation of social media wannabe apps going around, we look to outline some new and path breaking ones that are setting the circles on fire. Organizations now need to look beyond Facebook’s and Instagram’s and remain refreshed about the new applications which are catching their public attention and thus a tool for marketing.

Here is  a glance at the most current web-based social networking applications to look out for in 2020 that continue to engage the users:

1. Google My Business

Google My Business

Google My Business is a free online business listing tool small and medium enterprises (SME’s) can use to add their contact, product/ service offerings. These listings show up on Google search results and also on Google Maps when people search for a business/ product/ service. It is easy to set up and maintain and one can add business photos, descriptions, attributes, categories, hours of operation, posts, and website URL.

An ever-increasing number of individuals are shopping on the web and depend on web crawlers to scan for their shopping questions. Thus, the added feature of analytics can help the business to learn as to how potential viewers with the listing, allowing updating to synergize the searchers’ needs. One can also respond to questions and reviews thereby building lasting relationships that are personalized through engagement.

Since  Google My Business listings appear both in Google Search and Google Maps, small businesses can market their brands, products, or services to users of these tools. Google My Business page, helps businesses to find potential customers and market their products or services.

The application gives clients information on questions like solicitations for bearings, approaching calls, where searches begin from and the number of searches in regards to the business.

2. Vero


Vero is a newbie social media image- and video-focused app that is ad-free and organized chronologically, as opposed to Facebook and Instagram’s algorithm-driven feeds.  Therein lies the appeal of Vero and that it claims to be ad-free. No wonder then the app is drawing the attention of photographers, videographers and social media influencers.

Vero in effect resembles Instagram in that it enables clients to share pictures and recordings.  The application allows users to sort their contacts into three categories: dear companions, companions, and associates. The users have the power to control as to who gets to see what on their feed.

These highlights have thrilled users with a different perspective of social media as they started moving away from Facebook and Instagram after the Cambridge Analytica data breach. The app claims to be secure with user data and thus finds favor with a lot off users.

3. Facecast


Facecast is a live video chat community. It allows the easy-to-use features of a normal social networking app. The most unique feature is that it integrates live stream, video clips and random video chat all – 3 functions into 1 app. This makes it convenient and easy to use for users.

Facecast’s are designed for social fun. The random video chat feature lets you meet people nearby with common interests, or just explore one-on-one random chat. By posting short videos and live broadcast one can gather fans and accumulate reward gifts. By uploading videos one gets gifts that can be exchanged for cash. The app also has a friend circle with whom interaction is easy. The  Forecast community has great broadcasters and amazing videos. Besides one can also make friends all over the world.

There is a mass of exceptionally imaginative recordings on Forecast. It’s a decent method to kill time. You can likewise transfer yours.

4. Social Champ

Social Champ

This app allows users to automate the scheduling of social media operations. It is a comprehensive tool that allows users to integrate their social media accounts and hence is a solution for users and marketers. The idea is to have a unified solution that is capable to schedule content posting across various social media channels. It helps users in connecting with their followers thus speeding up the implementation of social media marketing strategies.  No wonder then in today’s times it has become the preferred go-to app for businesses and digital marketing specialists.

Some of the amazing features of many include post scheduling, performance analysis, content management, Link Shortening and Tracking, image editing, etc.

Social Champ, is integrated into six popular social networks including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, and Pinterest and across platforms i.e., Android, iOS, and web. Just imagine the convenience of a digital marketer when he is free from multiple passwords and tabs. 

5. Mastodon


Mastodon is a social media platform that is built on the lines of Twitter., The difference between the two which finds acceptance amongst users is the decentralization i.e, you get to choose your server and website. This gives you both,  independence and the ability to interact with each other. is in the founder’s words a “Twitter user’s utopia”: There is no advertising, content is moderated against racism and hate speech. Thus equality is what it also offers.

Some important features/ terminologies:

  • Tweets are called toots……….      
  • Retweets are called boosts while Likes are Favorites.
  • Follows a chronological sequence for posts  unlike the algorithm-driven in Twitter
  • You have a 500-character limit compared to Twitter’s 140.
  • And Twitter’s known as the bird site.

Mastodon can be said to be a  non-business adaptation of Twitter with better protection controls and an increasingly natural interface. One of the biggest issues with Twitter is the lack of/ undue moderation of harassment and abuse. What stands apart with Mastodon is that it is designed to prevent this, provides one with tools to regulate timelines and replies, or anything that You want to see.

6. Swarm


Swarm is a location-sharing social app that enables clients to find new places while helping individuals interface with friends. So, if you like sharing your location with friends, then Swarm is the answer.  Swarm is thus a collection of explorations, restaurants you loved, experiences with friends, and much more. It helps users to uncover that lifelogging experience that acts as a motivation to keep exploring and discovering new places.

The application enables users to consequently register at areas and track them.

Lifelogging, as the name recommends, monitors a lifetime of information over user events over time.

Any business that works in a particular area can make use of the app by ensuring that their outfit is accessible and Swarm users can registration effectively. This helps them in getting traction to their business through content – visual and written.

For users, nostalgia is the key that drives usage and the popularity of the app.

7. Lasso


Remarkably similar to TikTok and introduced by Facebook, Lasso is another app for the creation and sharing of short video recordings. It lets users create short videos along with lip-syncing  Apart from the usual dancing and singing, Lasso also lets you create short as well.

Users can take videos of 15 sec with songs from its own music library which can be adapted for further posts. Obviously being on the same platform it allows Instagram and Facebook accounts to be linked instantly and shared in the story section of Facebook directly. Lip sync videos can also be created and shared via Instagram and Facebook accounts. Given that now Facebook is losing appeal with youth, this is an attempt to garner users in the teenage age groups.

8. Anchor


The anchor is another social application that is a great deal like Instagram and Twitter, as it enables clients to distribute podcasts to anyone who pursues their channels. It is for sharing of audio, making sure podcasting is accessible to everyone regardless and is completely free to use. 

 One can record and post waves, which are brief sound nibbles (but can’t be pre-recorded) which can be shared on Anchor or other online networking platforms like Apple Podcasts, Breaker, Castbox, Google Podcasts, Overcast, Pocket Casts, RadioPublic, Spotify and Stitcher.

Other Anchor users, or “Anchors” as they are known, would then be able to react with their very own waves.

The application additionally has a sound manager that enables Anchors to alter the sound that is user-friendly and easy to use and therefore no past experience required. One can also look at monetizing the podcasts as the app matches you to potential brands that may be interested or merely through listener donations.

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