How to Get Your Website on the First Page of Google


The most important question nowadays for every website team is how to get their website on the first page of Google. There are mainly two types to make your website rank on the first page of Google. The first way is paid one in which you can pay to Google ads and make your website visible on the first page. Another way is the organic way in this you will not have to pay any money but have to follow a step-wise process and lots of efforts to bring your website to the first page. Google work on a computer algorithm. This algorithm changes dynamically from time to time, so your website may be on the first page today but it can be placed to on any other page any time. You have to maintain the consistency to keep your website on the first page of Google. One has to study the algorithm of Google to know the process of selection of websites so that one can work in that way to keep the website on the first page. This article deals with the ways by which you can get your website on the first page of Google.

Paid Way

1. Google Paid Ads

Google Paid Ads

Search engine market and pay per click are the methods of acquiring traffic for your website by buying ads on search engines.

Buying ads on Google can bring your website on the first page with very fewer attempts. Pay per click platform is also mostly in the use. Google post ads on your website and you have to pay for it as per the ad is clicked. Many companies afford to use this way as they can pay the ad amount. Pay-per-click and SEM are good options for money holders to bring their website on the first page of Google.

Organic Way

Many people or companies can’t afford to pay to google ads. So they want other options through which they can take their website on a higher rank. The organic way does not include any money. It is fully natural and steps wise method for making a website rank higher.

1. SEO


Search Engine Optimization is the best way to rank your website according to search engine land. SEO is abbreviation ”Search Engine Optimization.’ ‘It is the best way through which you can get free traffic to your website. You can call this method as an organic or editorial or a natural search result on Google search engine it increases the possibility of ranking your website for relevant searches. One can optimize their website if they get an idea of how search engines work to rank the website. But, the algorithm of the ranking website keeps on changing so that the websites will remain up to date for ranking higher and will try to keep their website on 1st page of Google search.

2. Best Quality of content

If you want your website to rank up your website should have the best content. People nowadays look for satisfied content if your website has the best satisfying content people will more visit your website and Google will rank up your website. The information you are giving to your customer should be unique and most importantly it should be useful. Length of page content also matters. Length of your page should be optimized according to your user needs.

3. Number of links inbound

Number of inbound links

If your website has links to other big important sites and if their content is relative to your content then it will be good for ranking your website up. Google rank your website high if you have links join to your website. People watch the links and many times they do prefer the links and can like your page if people vote your page Google will take your website has worth and it can take it to a higher position.

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4. Mobile accessibility of the website

Mobile accesibility of website

We all know that most of the people are using mobile phones on a very large scale now. Many people do their office work on mobile phones. News ads all other stuff are available on a mobile phone. To search for any information related to any subject, people use their mobile phone so it is highly important that you should make your website accessible on a mobile phone. Your website must be optimised in a way that it would be easy to handle on mobile phones. The website should be easy and user-friendly. If your user is able to quickly find what they want they will use your website more frequently.

5. Speed of website

Speed of Website

No one wants to wait, everyone wants quick results for their work today. Today Technology has been upgraded and people are becoming impatient. For quick results, your website’s speed should be faster. If your website is working slowly or it is making your user wait for a while it can affect adversely. It puts a negative impact on your ranking of the website. There are many tools available online that can check your website speed and can also boost the speed of your website. You must check your website speed and how much time your website takes to load so that you can optimise your website and rank it to a higher position.

6. Use of Keywords

Use of keywords

Keywords play a very important part of ranking your website. If you target the keywords your website will appear on a higher rank. Google check for keywords before placing the website on the rank. If your website has title or text containing keywords it will be ranked up higher by Google.

7. Secure Website

Secure website

Your website should be open in HTTP form. Websites opening in HTTP are considered to be a secure website. It ensures that the website does not have any bad or naughty content. Google does prefer a website with security. Websites opening in SSL are not considered as a secure website. For ranking high your website must be secure. Whether your website may include cash credits or not it must be secured.

8. Use of an easy URL

Using easy URL do make your site rank up. Using a complicated URL will make your website URL less readable to people. It is better if you use a humanly readable URL.

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