Growth of Crypto-currencies & why use of Local-Languages matter all the more.

Given the dynamic and rapidly evolving nature of information technology, and specifically global payment systems being one real-life industry application of the very latest in tech, the authors of this article hence wish to choose to refer to crypto-currency being the term used to refer, or indicate all manner of encrypted and decentralized digital currencies, leveraging on open source technologies and blockchain, the latter being the key underlying core technology facilitating the rapid and exponential proliferation of digital crypto-currencies all round. Typical examples of such said e-currencies being the likes of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin etc.

And like any other technology relevant to the prosperity and well-being of mankind, supporting infrastructure comes into immediate existence, quite in tandem, with the killer-app of the day – if crypto-currencies is the app, so to speak, then the critical piece of infra to facilitate this ecosystem of a global peer-to-peer payment system, most definitely ought to be, what is labeled as e-wallets, similar to physical wallets one would carry on one-self to store physical coinage and paper-money; these third-party wallets are the 21st century digital equivalents. The holder or investor of crypto-cash simply cannot, do his or her corresponding transactions or business, without availing the use of these crypto currency wallets.

The world-wide spread of these “new” forms of digital payment, or e-currencies, and infra, in terms of wallets, exchanges etc. is nothing less than a historic momentous change, almost tantamount to when man first started shifting from use of salt, seashells, as a medium of exchange, or bartering of goods to carry out trade and commerce, to beginning the initial use and bringing into circulation metallic coinage by a central national authority, and similarly followed much later by paper-notes in terms of historic timelines. Very interestingly, this peer-to-peer based or decentralized global payment system, is being accompanied by a great need to urgently market it across to consumer markets across geographies for its very survival, in respective local native languages, and thus two totally unrelated professions, those of the digital payment geeks or tech-founders, and Professional Linguists have become strange bed-fellows, a most unlikely partnership, but seemingly growing rapidly even as we publish this article, and more such.

About the Author:

Dr. Dipankar Kundu

Dr. Dipankar Kundu is the owner of Dar Al Marjaan Translation Services. He is an author of various books & blogs on topics related to Language & Linguistics, Content Development & Marketing, AI, Web Development & Social Media Marketing.

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