Marketing is something related to developing or promoting a product. Product refers to any new arrival in the market. To make it furthermore clear, advertising and communicating to the customers about any product is called marketing.

So let us see what this cross channel marketing mean. Cross channel marketing refers to the means through which marketing is done. It may be either through the website, social media, television channel and many more. It is the company that must decide which mode of marketing can yield them a good result. The most basic thing is to know who will be their intended audience. That is the buyers of a particular product. They must concentrate on those people and try to sell their products. For example, if a company wants to sell cosmetics, then, the ones who prefer these items will mostly be ladies. So the company must target them, like selling at places where ladies come and go. Also, almost everyone has started using social media hence this can serve them as a useful platform to sell their products.

The cross channel marketing is very useful in comparing a particular brand across different platforms. Nowadays, people prefer online shopping. For this, the social media plays a vital role in attracting a wide range of customers. Multi-channel and Omni-channel are the other names for cross channel marketing. In other words, we can say that the customer gets a good experience to interact with a brand through various channels or platforms.

A few decades ago, marketing refers to just, a single person communicating with his customers or clients where he tries to sell his goods. There were time restrictions too. But nowadays, there are no time restrictions and the customers can view their products round the clock via the internet.

The companies gain a wide range of customers by collecting the data of customers. They search their previous purchases so that the next time if they want to sell their product they will contact those customers. Not only this, they check the list of people who have searched what. If they find any matches related to their search, then the particular customer will be contacted. They not only attract their customers through social media. They advertise through all the websites where their customers browse. They realize that the customers are not satisfied with a limited number of items and thus provide them with a huge variety of items.

The biggest advantage of this type of marketing is that it allows the companies to know about the needs of their customers. They will get all the details like what kind of a product the customer searches for, at what time and at what price. Accordingly, they also provide discounts and offers to attract them.

There are some basic marketing channels. They provide us some functions such as buying, distributing and supporting the products, which means, buying the product from the wholesalers and distributing to the customers and finally supporting the sales to the customers. Supporting refers to the financial support given to their customers.

There are four types of marketing channels. It includes direct selling, selling the products through intermediaries, dual distribution and finally, reverse channel.

Let us look into all these in detail.

Direct Selling is a type of selling where the products are sold in a non-retail environment. This means they do not sell their products in any shops. All the dealings between the seller and the buyer are only through the internet that is, online. Most of the companies that expect a large turn over only adopt this method. Direct selling is entirely different from direct marketing. However, the small scale workers are not benefited as they do not have an access to the internet.

Promoting the business through a third person which is involved in between the seller and the buyer is referred to as selling through intermediaries. They include agents, wholesalers, retailers, and the distributors. Their main role is to promote the products and attract the buyers. They are important because they facilitate inventory storage and sorting, physical distribution and many more.

When we move on to dual distribution, it refers to the two kinds of approaches that the manufacturer adopts. One is to sell directly and the other one is to sell through the intermediaries. Both methods have the same common purpose of reaching the end-user and satisfying their needs.

Reverse channel is a strategy which enables the customers to reach the manufacturer. That is, everything happens vice versa. The customer contacts the seller for his product and check whether it satisfies his needs. The manufacturer or the seller finds it very helpful.

Let us now look at what does cross channel integration means. People surf the internet to know which seller can meet their demands. It has now become a trend where even the sellers load all the details of the products that they wish to sell. Hence there is direct contact between the buyer and the seller about the product that one wants to buy. These are the strategies adopted by firms. It may either be physical or logical.

Advantages of Cross Channels

There are many advantages over this cross channel integration, such as, to make the customer service more effective. This can be done by interacting with the customers through mobile phones, texts, the internet, and e-mail system. This helps the manufacturers to increase the relationship with their customers.

Next is to look for new customers. This can be done by communicating through multiple channels with the customers. More visibility results in good results. The most important one is to get a unique view from the customers. The duty of the company includes collecting all the information about its customers or clients.

There are some multiple marketing channels. Their disadvantages are decreased economies of scale, increased sales cost, and lack of control, production and cash flow stress.

In today’s world cross channel marketing helps the customers to stay connected with their favorite channels, stay updated with new arrivals and many more. Hope this reaches great heights and attracts a wide range of customers.

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