7 adorable yoga moms you need to follow on Instagram

There is nothing cuter than a mom having fun with her kid(s) and sharing it with the world using Instagram. And the fun only increases if the mom and the baby are doing yoga together. What could be more inspiring than to watch a mom with her real body and her kids doing all kinds of asanas and yoga postures? The cuteness level goes up a notch. But this is not just about reflecting the child’s cuteness or making an attempt towards taking aesthetic pictures, it is about the importance of introducing yoga to your kids and laying a healthy foundation for making your kids calmer and focused.

So, here are 7 yoga moms who practice yoga with their kids and it is going to be possibly the cutest thing you will see any time soon-

1. @summerperez

Summer Suyapa Perez mostly take pictures doing yoga at her home, and each picture is beautiful, reflecting her style and radiance in its most natural effect. She has one son and one daughter and they are occasionally practicing yoga together and uploading pictures for the world to learn. They not only perform complex yoga asanas but also calming meditation poses which seem to be very relaxing. By her Instagram bio, she is a wife, a mother and a yogi who believes in living beautifully. She focuses on gaining balance in life, be it be work or even relaxation. She believes that instead of buying your children things you couldn’t have; they should be taught the things that you were never taught. That is what Bruce Lee says and that is what summer believes.

Summer Perez

So if you want to learn more about yoga and follow something good and refreshing, you should definitely follow @summerperez on Instagram.

2. @charity.grace

Charity Grace LeBlanc is the personification of a mermaid. She has long and beautiful hair and practices yoga with her two children. And the best part is, she does not only post her videos on Instagram but also in youtube and thus can give detailed descriptions of the yoga she does. She, her son and her daughter are seen doing mesmerizing yoga postures in beautiful settings, and sometimes, even their dog joins them in the pictures.

Charity Grace

So, if you want to experience a soothing effect while learning something constructive, @charity.grace is the right account for you to follow on Instagram.

3. @laurasykora

With 1.2 million followers on Instagram, Laura Kasperzak is a famous yoga mom with herself and her daughter often doing various yoga poses in matching outfits. She had started posting pictures doing yoga when her daughter was just two years old when her daughter had done a handstand.

Laura Sykora

She posts pictures of yogic postures with her daughter whom she calls her ‘mini’ and often uses the hashtag #MamaAndMiniYoga. There is nothing cuter than to watch mama and her mini living a flexible life together along with their cute and matching outfits. Plus, whatever she and her daughter is wearing, she markets those products too and all that stuff is at affordable rates. So what’s stopping you? Go follow this amazing person on Instagram.

4. @yoga_mami

Josephine Jacob is a mother of two amazing sons, and they travel the whole world while taking pictures and performing yoga. They travel to beautiful parts of the world where the scenic settings are breath-taking and the three of them perform super difficult postures with such ease and perfection. It is extremely inspiring to watch a mama with her two boys, living their best life. And it is not just about partying or drinking or eating, it is about living the life in the healthiest possible manner, with great peace of mind as well.

Yoga Mami

5. @yogaone1

Although she has a son with whom she practices a lot of yoga, she just does not post a lot of pictures with them doing yoga together. But that’s not the end of it, she organizes a lot of yoga meetups, yoga travels and yoga retreats all over the world which people attend in great numbers. It is very impressive and inspiring to watch. People with different cultures, backgrounds and races come together to practice yoga and have fun. Sometimes, these events organised are not just for teaching yoga but are a full paradise with innumerable activities like river rafting, surfing and many other fun activities.


6. @marinjayden

Marin Jayden lives with her family at the paradise on earth- Hawaii. She has two cute and beautiful kids and they love performing yoga together and taking pictures on the beach. She has a lot of strength, commitment, balance and flexibility when it comes to yoga, which is definitely something to learn about. She believes that it is yoga that helps her to rejuvenate in life and convince people to find such a practice for themselves as well.

Marin Jayden

7. @tanya_budnyak

Tanya Budnyak

Tanya Budnyak is a yoga teacher in the small town of Ukraine. She promotes healthy living and also communicates with the people to do the same. She is often posting a lot of yogic posture pictures with her daughter who had started performing yoga with her daughter while she was very young. Along with her daughter, she has recently had a son as well who is cuteness overloaded and it would be no surprise if we start seeing the three of them performing yoga together.

All these yoga moms understand the importance of spending time with their families and show the world how fun it can be. Along with that, they are performing yoga which is like a cherry on top of the cake, as they are not only promoting a family love but also, the need for living a healthy lifestyle. In today’s world, where we are all in a rush and time-bound, these mamas show us how performing yoga and meditation for just a few minutes of the day can change our lives for better and help to achieve fitness and peace.

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