13 most trending Instagram trends to watch right now

With the sudden boom of Technology starting from the first-ever chatting app to Facebook and then finally landing at the most trending application right now Instagram. Today most of us are using the Instagram app this is one of the most popular applications to show up to the world. Today Instagram is one of the most popular platforms at which everyone shares their information. Nowadays Instagram has become more than a social media app and turned into a million-dollar marketing strategy application form any of the brands. Brands keep up their top trends on Instagram and take advantage of new features to show up their products at a very broad and vast platform. Unlike the old marketing strategies including banners and posters and flushing billions and billions of rupees to shop their products in masses as well as delivering it to other peoples.

Nowadays all the brands have created an Instagram page at which the update all the information an upcoming launches due to which they save a lot of amounts that were spent earlier on marketing. Instagram has provided a platform to break the old social marketing strategy and hence it is very important to stay on top of them. Not even the brands but also many films star other famous people tend to use Instagram to promote their next film or coming projects. Brands also keep up with the top trends on Instagram that gives an edge over their competitors, hence making the situation even more competitive. As compared to its competitors like tiktok, twitter, LinkedIn, etc. the company is rolling out new features and innovations software using Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. To keep up with top trends on Instagram here are some list of trends to watch on Instagram right now:

1. Selling a product on Instagram- the recent trends followed by the companies are selling products online on Instagram as compared to others. This allowed them to convey their message and sell their products to the masses in a much easy and economical way. According to a report, more than 70% of shopping enthusiast is using Instagram to explore new brands and products. Many of the companies including Adidas, Burberry, Nike and revolve. According to a report in March 2019, Instagram rolled out of feature in the beta version that includes a direct buying option that is under testing for current 20 brands involving many well-renowned brands.

2. Earlier Instagram doesn’t use tractor story lines and stickers the stickers have been used as a bag of business. The stickers involve questions, countdown and emoji stickers. This helps the people to interact with them in a much easy and convenient way. Data shows that 9 out of 10 the polling sticker increases video views on Instagram.

3. Many of the film stars and popular celebrities share their daily life incidents and photos on Instagram which makes Instagram even more popular among youth and fans.

4. As Instagram has become one of the most popular photos and media uploading platform by various peoples, it provides a platform for members to make memes which are quite popular these days. Quite popular, people are crazy about them, aren’t you!!

5. With posting stories and IGTV video contents in feeds, Instagram has rigorously worked on increasing video views and linking files are different formats. Reports suggest that Instagram is currently working on a feature of adding a direct link for Instagram stories also.

6. Instagram is slowly taking the Crown from its most anticipated Rival Twitter. Nowadays people tweet more on Instagram as compared to Twitter which is a very alarming situation for twitter.

7. Instagram has also seen a sudden increase in social activities on its platform, including #metoo movement, No Shave November, area 51 raiding and many more other social activities. In February Instagram introduced a donation sticker that can be added to your story due to which people can select a non-profit customize the name of their fundraisers.

8. The rise of Instagram stories reflects a real craze for others to see the realness in your everyday lives, showing the raw and uncut portion of your voyages and travel vlogs which gives a realness due to this Instagram is like by many people.

9. Nowadays more trend has been seen as nowadays more Instagram stories are there as compared to post according to report Instagram stories have taken over, with more than 500 million views every day.

10. A new and unique feature that is rolled out by Instagram is they provide sound on stories. A recent Facebook study found that it was like voice over and Music, stories with voice overs are music perform better than the stories without ads. According to Instagram reports currently, 60% of Instagram stories are viewed with sound on.

11. Now brands have been revealing their stickers to promote business the masses about their products and the changes that they can make in the product. Hence this provides a digital platform for people to give the reviews directly to the company due to which the cost is effectively lowered, as compared to the earlier means.

12. Another important trend has been seen in people using hashtags more than the content. This is valuable for business because they can expose their message to the audience that some specific keywords related to the industry.

13. Another important trend seen in the current Instagram app is celebrities come live on Instagram the fans can interact directly with them even physically meeting then which is not possible every time.

Another recent trend seen in Instagram is creating self-awareness among people about diseases and other natural calamities that happen corner of the world. The perfect example of this is the forest fire that took place in Amazon. Even many rotary clubs also post regular updates regarding information related to blood banks and upcoming camps in various areas.

Every technological advancement done stays only until a better option is launched. This case can be seen in comparison to Facebook and Instagram. Hence until an option better than Instagram is not available, Instagram will rule the yard as it does it now.

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